The Kingdom (2017)

The Kingdom is a PC game made for the LowRezJam of 2017. The game mixes chess with platform mechanics making the player have to think about how to move the pieces that in turn act as a platform and then be able to move from one end of the board to another. The game is unfinished but you can play 20 levels.

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Fatal Gravity Attraction (2017)

Fatal Gravity Attraction is a PC an Web game made for the MalagaJam 2017. In this game you will have to throw yourself into space and get to reach your love, a black hole, for it you will have to help you from the orbit of your friends planets that do not stop warning you of the danger that carries your relationship. This game was created along with two other wonderful people, Eduardo Salido and Irene Espejo . And Equilateral mentioned our game in an article!

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Chamaco The Taco (2017)

Chamaco The Taco is a game made for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam. In the game you will take control of Chamaco the taco and you must advance jumping from platform to platform with the help of your hat, which you can throw and use as a platform or use to break certain blocks that block your way. The game is unfinished but you can play and try the mechanics.

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Feel The Box (2017)

Feel the Box is a PC game made for a university work. The game its a rhythm music arcade tower defense game powered by your music where you will have to defend a core of enemies that come in four different directions and will be generated according to the intensity of the music, for it you can create shields in those positions. The objective of this work was to create a "minimal" game for it I made the controls and mechanics were simple so that only need 4 buttons to play and depending on the duration of the pulse can be performed different actions, in turn the objective is quite clear and minimalist graphics help it.

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Pixel Pizza A Muerte (2016)

Pixel Pizza A Muerte is a crazy top down shooter game made for the LudumDare37. In this game you will help a slice of pizza to defeat its worst enemy, the shushi!, for that you will use your weapons and fight against different enemies and a final boss along five intense waves. The art of this game was made by Carlos Javier Barbero.

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